Hardscape Supply

Retaining Walls

We offer a full line of retaining wall systems manufactured by The R.I. Lampus Company. Whether you are in need of a structural retaining wall or an aesthetically pleasing wall we have got you covered.

All of our retaining wall offerings have been providing solid solutions to architects, engineers, contractors, and homeowners for many years.

Versa-Lok is easy to install, cost efficient, design flexible, stable, durable, freeze/thaw resistant, free draining, and environmentally friendly.

Listed below are all of our retaining wall offerings: 

Our selection of pavers offer a combination of beauty, functionality, and durability. From the dignified look of brick, to the elegant look of marble, to the natural irregularity of sandstone. Our concrete pavers and natural stones are available in a style, shape, and color for every paving project.

All of our pavers are also manufactered by The R.I. Lampus Company.

We offer the following pavers:

Grandview, Heritage, Stratford, Holland, Ligonier, and Omni-Vintage

All of these pavers are available in an array of colors.
Hardscape Supply Accesories

We offer a full line of accessories for all of your hardscaping needs.

We have a full line of adhesives, cleaners, paver restraints,
polymeric sands, and specialty tools to complete all of your hardscape projects.